Announcing: New Rosh Chabura and JWAY Directors

Exciting Developments at the Kollel

After months of careful searching, we are excited to announce two new incredible families will be joining the Kollel.

Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe & Esti Spiro

Rabbi Moshe Spiro

Rabbi Moshe Spiro

Rabbi Spiro, originally from Toronto, is currently a highly regarded Rosh Chabura in Beis Medrash Govoha in Lakewood. He will be replacing Rabbi Lowinger as the Kollel’s Rosh Chabura, Associate Dean. While we will miss Rabbi Lowinger and the outstanding job that he's done, we are confident that Rabbi Spiro will continue to ensure that the Kollel maintains and grows the high level of scholarship and dedication the Kollel has become known for. Rabbi Spiro, and his wife Esti (also of Toronto) are excited to move to Minneapolis together with their children.

Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Dovid Zeffren

Rabbi Moshe Dovid Zeffren

Rabbi Moshe Dovid Zeffren

Rabbi Moshe Dovid and Mrs. Shoshana Zeffren, both originally from St. Louis, MO, will be joining the Kollel as the director and the women’s coordinator of the JWAY, respectively. The Zeffrens will use their passion for Judaism, ability to connect with people, and many talents to connect with Jewish students at the University of Minnesota and beyond.

These important new hires will be critical in helping the Kollel further its mission of elevating the entire Twin Cities Jewish community through the study of Torah.

Both the Spiros and the Zeffrens will be moving here in the summer.

P.S. Rabbi Spiro and Rabbi Zeffren will be joining us for the Kollel banquet this year. Please come to meet them and give them a warm welcome!