The Kollel strives to elevate and energize the Minneapolis Jewish Community through immersion in Torah study and exemplifying its ideals, thereby enabling every Jew in Minneapolis to study and experience authentic Torah.

This is achieved through an environment of intense Torah study which enables its Rabbis to develop into effective leaders and teachers.

The Kollel is my learning center, moral compass and psychiatrist.
— Mike Zweigbaum
Studying with the Kollel rabbis, with my husband and with community peers helps bring perspective to my life. I am able to appreciate and focus on the big and important matters that contribute to a fulfilling life, and am learning to be a better person and not sweat the small stuff.
— Amy Rotenberg

What We've Achieved

  • Listened and created learning opportunities for hundreds of Jews in the Twin Cities Metro
  • Moved 30 dynamic families into the community
  • Published numerous scholarly works
  • Inspired tens of communal Rabbis, teachers, and activists
  • Facilitated hours & hours of Torah study
  • Created an unparalleled community resource center
  • Served as a non-denominational hub for Jewish activity in the Twin Cities.
  • Given guidance to hundreds of Young Adults through the JWAY program