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The Credit Card Shiur

The use of credit cards can ignite a wide range of halachic questions in diverse areas of the Torah. Rabbi Shmuel Cohen of the Chicago Choshen Mishpat Institute shared insights on real-life questions that were asked to the Institute.

Questions included:

  • Returning a lost credit card

  • If one used his friend’s credit card and the friend incurs a late fee, can one give him money for that fee?

  • Ordering Chometz during Pesach to be delivered after Pesach

  • If my auto-scheduled payment for my bill falls out on Shabbos, should I change the date of the payment?

  • If one pays a pledge to tzedaka with a credit card, is it considered fully paid, even though the organization will receive the pledge amount minus the processing fees?

  • If one is heading towards bankruptcy, can he max out his credit cards first?

  • And more…

Listen to the audio below for the fascinating discussion!