Daily Classes/Programs


Community Night Seder

Learn one-on-one with one of our talented and knowledgeable Kollel Rabbis

  • Sunday - Thursday, between 8-10 PM
  • You pick the topic and pace
  • Sessions range from a half hour to an hour
  • Typically, chavrusa partners meet 1-3 times a week

Coordinator: Rabbi Yakov Skolnick 718-564-3043

Davening Times

  • Shacharis S-F 7:20 AM (During school summer break only, check in for other non-school days)
  • Mincha, S-Th- 2:45 PM
  • Maariv, S-Th- 10:00 PM

All minyan times are unless otherwise posted.



Get into the sugyos just like in your yeshiva days with Beth Medrash Govoha's acclaimed program.

  • Chavrusa learning with marei mekomos
  • Strong Yeshiva Background required
  • Chavrusa learning: Weekdays, 7:15 AM or 8 PM, with a review shiur on Monday evening at 8 PM.
  • Led by Rabbi Avigdor Goldberger

Location: Kollel Beis Medrash

kinyan hamesechta logos-1.jpg

Kinyan Hamesechta

NIghtly Gemara chaburah (group)

  • Shiur + Chavrusa learning
  • Strong emphasis on Chazara; both during sessions as well as on your own time (during the day, Shabbos etc.)
  • Solid gemara background required

location: kollel library

Amud Yomi Gemara Shiur

  • Weeknights, 9:15-10 pm
  • with HaRav Yechezkel Greenberg
  • Covers one Amud (page) of Gemara per session
  • Intermediate level

location: dr. zuckman conference room