The Upside to Feeling Down


“I've been in a spiritual coma these past three days! I feel horrible!”

Rabbi Eliezer Geldzahler, the beloved Chassidic Rabbi, knew the voice well. Ari (not his real name) was seeking solace from his teacher for his recent lack of devotion.

“Wonderful! Why don’t you come over to my house and we’ll have a l’chaim (chassidic toast)!”

“Rebbe,” said Ari, “Are you sure you heard me correctly? I said I feel horrible, I haven’t done a thing these past three days.”

“Precisely!” exclaimed R’ Geldzahler, “How many people in the world would feel horrible if they have three bad days?!”

“This is certainly cause for a L’Chaim!”

Spiritual, Business, Personal: How many people, go through down periods of their lives and don’t even stop to feel it!

The first step to any resolution is to be distressed.

Rest assured, a wise word of encouragement and a small celebration were just what Ari needed to shake off his doldrums and get back into his learning with gusto!

So, next time you're not feeling your best, remember the upside to being down!