Yarchei Kallah: Keep It Kosher

The record low in St. Louis Park for December 25th is -39 °F, back in 1872. I sincerely hope that record never gets challenged again. However, there is no record yet for a low temperature that has kept our community from coming to learn Torah. Participants in today's Yarchei Kallah shrugged off the sub-zero temperatures outside to warm the Bais Medrash with the fire of Torah.

The topic was the laws of Nat bar Nat, when parve food comes into contact with meat or milk utensils, which is essential knowledge for maintaining a kosher kitchen. Rabbi Chaim Leib Rupp condensed and clearly explained this complex topic. Rabbi Rupp elcuidated the underlying concepts from their sources in the Gemara, and traced them through to practical examples we encounter in our own kitchens.

If you missed the shiur, or you would like to hear it again, listen to the audio below.