Kollel-Kenesseth Israel Yarchei Kallah is a Smashing Success

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Yesterday, the Kollel held a Presidents' Day Weekend Yarchei Kallah at Kenesseth Israel. It was extremely heartwarming to see the almost 50 people that attended to enjoy a seudas hodaah (meal of thanks) sponsored by Avi Yardley and prepared by Peter Runge and then to learn with the Kollel Rabbis about the laws of Mezuzah. The event climaxed in a multimedia shiur I gave with some help from Torahlive.com, which added stunning visuals to the topic. The phenomenal outcome of yesterday's program is a tribute to Rabbi Yakov Skolnick of the Kollel and Rabbi Mordechai Kalatsky of KI, who worked tirelessly to make this event the success that it was. Rest assured there will be more events like this in the future!

See below for pictures and audio from the event.