140 Generous Donors Donate $50k to the JWAY in 24 Hours

Wow! What a day!!

What began as a crowd-funding campaign on Charidy.com at 1 PM yesterday turned into much more than we expected!

We started off with a goal of 24K in 24 Hours, thanks to our generous matchers: LTC Solutions, RM Management, S3 Inc. and the Kollel Board.

Success breeds success. 

When we reached our goal after just 5 hours, things got really exciting. One donor challenged us with 6K more in match money. Another donor then stepped up and pledged an additional 10K if we reached 36K before time ran out.

All told, thanks to the generosity of many and the extraordinary efforts or Rabbi Cohen and his crew (Thanks Ian ;)) the JWAY now has 50k more ways to- as one of of our JWAYers put it- "Create an atmosphere of warmth and a platform for genuine, organic exploration of Jewish ideas."