Lunch & Learn: Forgiveness

Real World Scenarios

Repairing our relationships is important and rewarding. It's getting to that point that can be challenging. At our most recent Lunch & Learn at LeoDaniels, we explored the practical halachic details of trying to make amends.

Questions discussed include:

  • If you know the person forgave you in their heart, do you still need to ask?

  • If you said something negative about someone but they are unaware, do you have to tell them about it to ask forgiveness?

  • If you feel someone is upset at you for no reason, do you have to appease them?

  • If someone says they forgive you but you know they don’t mean it, does that count?

  • If someone rejects your appeasement, what should you do?

  • How should you respond when someone asks you for forgiveness?

  • Are there times where you are not required to forgive someone?