Challenge Completed: $50K Matching Campaign Success

It started when we received a challenge from our generous donors: Raise $25,000 and it will be matched, dollar for dollar, for a potential $50,000!

We accepted the challenge- to raise $25,000 between February 18th and 20th. This was more than the Kollel had ever raised through a crowdfunding campaign. (Gulp…) Off we went! The Kollel staff and scholars mobilized to draft support for this vital campaign. We tapped in to relatives, friends, long-lost cousins, passing acquaintances, innocent bystanders… and our amazing community of Torah supporters. It came down to the wire, but in the end, we did it! Scratch that- YOU did it, all of our generous supporters who came together to make this campaign the success it was. An ode to the amazing power of community!

Thank you to our matchers! Thank you to all 210 donors (and counting) who donated a total of $26,636. Thank you to all of the esteemed members of the Kollel who invested their hearts and time into this campaign.

Finally, thank you Hashem, for giving us Your Torah- to cherish forever!!

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