Independence Day Yarchei Kallah: True Blue

A Glimpse into the Techeiles Controversy

Once again, the Kollel and the community took time on the 4th of July to enjoy our national pastime- learning Torah! The seats were packed in the Bais Medrash, and the crowd got involved as chavrusas delved into the sources together. Rabbi Yakov Skolnick took it the distance with a comprehensive overview of the mitzva of wearing techeiles (blue)-dyed strings as part of the tzitzis. 

Topics discussed include:

  • One mitzva or two?
  • The power of the techeiles
  • How can we wear tzitzis today without techeiles?
  • The source of true techeiles - lost or hidden?
  • Has authentic techeiles been rediscovered?
  • and much more!

Missed the shiur, or want to hear it again? Audio below.

Follow along with the sources- click here.