Memorial Day Yarchei Kallah: One For the Road

We Jews have a prayer for everything, so why should travel be any different? When you set out on a trip, don't forget to say Tefilas HaDerech, the Traveler's Prayer. That being said, we at the Kollel are big believers that if you want to do things right, you've gotta study up on the relevant laws. The result? A Memorial Day Yarchei Kallah to be remembered. After a Bais Medrash packed with people plumbed the underlying sources, Rabbi Yaakov Kaufman laid it all out on the table with a precise, concise, and incisive shiur that clarified the when, where, and how; down to the details specific to us here in the Twin Cities.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How long of a trip requires one to say Tefilas HaDerech?
  • Does where you are going make a difference if you need to say it or not?
  • At what point in the trip do you say it?
  • When do you say Tefilas HaDerech when you are traveling by plane?
  • And more... 

Missed the shiur, or want to hear it again? Listen to the audio below.

It's easier when you can follow along inside- click here for the sources.