The Most Simple Thought There Is

A simple thought struck me tonight. Perhaps the most simple thought there is.

About 20 minutes ago we concluded our annual "Uniting Through Torah" event at the Kollel. (pics below).

The refreshments were simple- candy, coffee & cake. 

The promotion was simple- texts, emails & signs.

The program was simple- Jews, Torah & unity.

Sometimes we overthink. We have schemes, plans, ideas, and agendas. Simple thoughts may sometimes serve us better. As Shlomo Hamelech said in Koheles, "Hashem made man straight, and they sought many schemes."

Tonight I experienced this. In anticipation of Rosh Hashanah, scores of Jews gathered in the Kollel to just learn and prepare for Yom Tov. The plans were simple and straightforward, yet the impact was real.

Perhaps this is something we can take into Rosh Hashanah on a personal level as well. If we really think about it almost all the stress, frustration, and conflict we experience is self-inflicted. Our career goals, our pastimes, our morals, our personal goals don't always align. It's true, life's complex and multi-faceted, but often we make it too much so.

As Rosh Hashanah approaches let's consider stopping and setting aside our plans, agendas, and special interests that pull us in many directions- for just a week or so- and just experience unity. Unity with ourselves, unity with Hashem, and unity with the Jewish people.