Post Dinner Thoughts

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

That's all I can say. Thank you to the over 300 of you who came out to support the Kollel. Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make the event elegant, uplifting, and enjoyable. Thank you to the incredible honorees! Thank you to the amazing men and women of the Kollel!

Here are some highlights (In order of appearance):

  • Modern & sophisticated Radisson Blu- Thanks Harry & Kristen!
  • Tasteful and elegant decor- Thank you Mrs. Biron, Mrs. Morris & Mrs. Pergament!
  • Lavish, varied & delectable buffet- Thank you Mrs. Miller, Chef Dinesh and Rabbi & Mrs. Perez!
  • Harmonious Cavatina String Trio- Thank you!
  • Striking and Flawless sound, pictures and videos- Thank you Ben, Dale, and Ian!
  • Incredible Honorees- Thanks Roman, Scott, John, Lenny & co., Kinyan HaMesechta!
  • Magnificent and Illuminating Art- Thank you Rabbi Weinrib and Shapco!
  • Artful Gallery Display and Function- Thank you Mrs. Delmoor and Mrs. Leahy!
  • Delectable Desserts- Thanks Western Bank!

We'll post pics, videos, and more as soon as we get them!