The Top Five Reasons You Should Come to the Kollel Dinner...

I'm biased, I'll admit. I have an agenda too- to grant Jews from across the Twin Cities access to our National Treasure- the Torah.

Enough about me... Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend the Kollel's Annual Dinner in two weeks, on Sunday, June 4th:

1. You want to be like Bibi 

You want to be like the Prime Minister of Israel, by owning an exquisite and meaningful piece of Judaica art by acclaimed artist Rabbi Yonah Weinrib. This is the first time Rabbi Weinrib's art is displayed and sold in Minnesota. With pieces ranging from $60-$6,000, there's something you'll fall in love with- and the Kollel gets a percentage of the sales!

2. You'll be Hungry after Shavuos

Sushi, carving stations, pasta stations, taco stations, butler-passed hors d'oeuvres, imported desserts from New York...You get the idea.



3. You haven't heard a good story in a while

Or, maybe you have. Regardless, come and hear the uplifting stories about commitment, family life, entrepreneurship, business planning, and long truck drives. Our honorees all have good stories to tell, come and recognize the good in the world and feel good!


4. You have to

Let's face it, for some, (hopefully only a few), the most compelling reason to come to an event is because you can't not come. I understand...Thank you for coming! Our flexible format makes it easy to come when you want, leave when you want, and stay for as little time as necessary. As for me, I'll do my best to make your stay as comfortable (and dare I say...enjoyable) as possible!



5. The Real Reasons

I know this should be #1 on the list. But from a marketing perspective if we put this first, you'd never read the rest. Truth be told, our mission is important and this event is an important part of what allows us to focus on the things we do best. We truly appreciate the strong support we receive from the community!


Convinced? Click HERE to register now! 

(Ad deadline is this Wednesday, May 24th