Purim Highlights!!!! (Pics Below)

We had a great Purim here at the Kollel, and I hope you did as well! With all the costumes, drinks, and revelry, the spiritual side of Purim can sometimes get lost in the fray. This is why we place a special focus on finding some precious time amidst the bustle to learn a little Torah, which helps us focus on the wealth of opportunity of this very holy and special day contains.

On Purim night, the Purim Mesiba (gathering) at the home of Rabbi Yechezkel Greenberg kicked off with a chavrusa study session, followed by insights from Rabbi Greenberg. The mesiba then launched into lively Purim music and dancing. Thank you to Rabbi Yaakov Eliyahu Mandelbaum for spearheading this year's session.

On Purim day, the Kollel hosted a father-son learning session, known across the globe as "Yeshivas Mordechai HaTzaddik". The Kollel Bais Medrash was filled with the sweet sound of children learning Torah. Thank you to Rabbi Meyer Roberts for arranging this program and other children's programming throughout the year.

Check out the pics below! Thanks to all who came!