Minneapolis Gains City Status with the Birons' Arrival

Welcoming the Birons at MSP Airport From Left: Rabbi Yossi Lowinger (with Yaakov) Rabbi Yechezkel Greenberg, HaRav Chaim S. Gibber, Me (with Elya), Rabbi Adam Crystal

This week we welcomed our newest Kollel family, Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid and Avigayil Biron to Minneapolis. Rabbi Biron is originally from Los Angeles and Mrs. Biron hails from Denver. With the Biron's arrival the Kollel now has ten full-time Rabbis- something of particular significance. Because, as the Talmud in Megillah tells us, a village doesn't become a city unless there are ten full-time Torah scholars. Mrs. Biron will be working in the office at Torah Academy while Rabbi Biron joins the Kollel. With the Birons the Kollel now has 15 families. If you haven't met the newer arrivals: Breiner, Gross, Kaufman, Rupp and now Biron families, now's your chance! You'll be delighted you did!