Thanksgiving Day Yarchei Kallah

A day off? Not here in the Kollel! Not when a community thirsty for Torah has some extra time on their hands. Despite other community events this morning (Mazel Tov to Rabbi & Mrs. Shea Trenk on the bris of their son, Mordechai!), the Bais Medrash was full from wall to wall. Today's topic was Ma'aser Kesafim, tithes on one's earnings. Through the prepared study material and a comprehensive shiur, Rabbi Dovid Biron addressed three primary facets. 

  • The source of the obligation: Biblical, Rabbinic, or ancient custom
  • What earnings are obligated to have ma'aser separated from them: How to calculate your revenues and expenses
  • What to do with ma'aser money once it is separated: It should be given to charity, but for which causes? Can you use ma'aser money for a raffle or Chinese auction?

To get the full scoop, listen to the audio below.

Thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Eli Vinitsky for dedicating the Yarchei Kallah to the merit of their father, Mr. Harvey Vinitsky.