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Memorial Day Yarchei Kallah

  • Minneapolis Community Kollel 2930 Inglewood Avenue South St Louis Park United States (map)

Gone Fishin’

Competition, Interference, and More

Fishing is a big deal here in Minnesota, and the season is just getting underway. There’s something so alluring about taking in the great outdoors, relaxing, and waiting for that line to start tugging. Plenty of time to kick back and think about … the halachic topics that can arise when fishing, and how they may apply in other real-life situations. Fishing is a great hook to get involved in the laws of:

  • fair and unfair competition in business

  • interference in another’s pending transaction

  • halachically effective acquisitions

… plenty to keep you occupied, until you snag the big one.


9:00 AM Coffee and Danishes by Prime Deli

9:10 Chavrusa Learning

9:55 Shiur by Rabbi Crystal