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Independence Day Yarchei Kallah

  • Minneapolis Community Kollel 2930 Inglewood Avenue South Minneapolis, MN, 55416 United States (map)

True Blue

A glimpse into

The Techeiles Controversy

With Rabbi Yakov Skolnick

Part of the mitzva of Tzitzis, (tying fringes on the corners of a four-cornered garment) is that a string dyed with the techeiles dye be included in those fringes. Yet the precise identity of that dye has been lost with time. In recent times, research has been conducted to find the techeiles once again. Has the authentic techeiles been rediscovered? Or are we still in search of the real deal?

9:00 AM Donuts & Coffee

9:15  Chavrusa Learning

9:55 Shiur

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