Pictures and videos from the Kollel's 2017 Banquet 6.4.17

Short Clip depicting What the Kollel is all About

R’ Goldberger Welcome & R’ Gibber’s Address

Rabbi Cohen introduces the JWAY and Roman. Roman describes what the JWAY has meant in his life.
See what sets SeilerSchindel,PLLC apart, to be worthy of the Kollel's Business of Distinction Award.

Scott Seiler, of SeilerSchindel, PLLC, tells the crowd how he ended up on a stage full of people with black hats (and cloaks).

Experience the Dedication of the Men and Women of Kinyan Hamesechta- Honorees at the Minneapolis Kollel 2017 Dinner.
Rabbi Yossi Lowinger, the Kollel's Rosh Chabura, introduces this incredible program. Kinyan Hamesechta is presented with a useful and creative gift.

Rabbi Weinrib of Judaica Illuminations, tells the audience what Judaica art is...and what it isn't!